Paula Reilly Comedian.

Paula Reilly has been practising the art of comedy for a couple of years now. She actually began comedy reciting on her voice recorder in 2012 whilst desperately learning the art of giving up smoking. With such altered states of mood and enligthening high of motivation, she endeavoured to document the funnies as they so frequently came to her whilst working at her computer.
Paula Reilly is a very talented musician and vocalist. She has several audio books on health and also has a vast array of music for sale on all good online stores like itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, GooglePlay and more.


Paula Reilly loves to practice comedy. She keeps her voice recorder handy to capture the funnies which flow through her from the realms on high at such a fast and fluently alarming rate. She began her early albums with the “Spaffy The Duck” Series. A comedy series about her fictious charachter Spaffy The Duck, who is very outspokenly dum and at times enthusiastically mischevious on many current day issues. The series contains 11 albums to date.


40+ albums later, a second major series erupted. It is entitled “King Kong Pop Offs”.It is at time the height of histidity which reaches enthusiastically to heinous proportions of laughter. She still reminisces about the soreness of her stomach, face and head that she suffered from laughing too much whilst creating the album.
50+ albums after The “KIng Kong Pop Offs” Series, Paula Reilly invented her “Hollywood Hits Resume” Series. To date in march 2014 Paula Reilly has 131 albums. All of the albums go for approximately 30 minutes. She is truly gifted for the funnies and thanks God for there enlightening relevance in the day.


Paula Reilly as of January 2015 has 150 comedy albums that are finished. She seems to be nearly obsessed with documenting the funnies for all the world to know. Hoping to laugh the world over and over again is her fantastic plan. She verges the edge of reality that insists there is a funny tinge to the everyday and ordinary and mundane. Do enjoy her comedy albums. On the website Routenote you will find Paula Reilly’s store page where she has over 200 albums for sale, of comedy, music with both sing and instrumentals, audiobooks, poetry audiobooks etc..There are a few reasons for Paula Having so many comedy albums and the main one being especially for the comedy that it is better to keep the world a happy place.


Paula Reilly is also an enthusiastic artist who designs all of her own artwork for album covers. To view more of Paula Reilly’s artworks please visit..    or  .Paula Reilly is also a keen fire dancer. She has been practising it for 18 years and also love to incorporate it into her dance video and photography work. To find Paula Reilly dance video please click this link..  Do enjoy and God bless.



I suffered anorexia which developed from post- natal depression about 8 years ago. This lead me to be hospitalized for 5 weeks in a mental hospital. I was diagnosed with schizo affective disorder; a mental illness for which there is seemingly no cure. Well having studied health food and herbs previously to that, I knew that there was hope to my predicament which would sometimes leave me unable to get out of bed due to psychosis, paranoia, delusions, hearing and seeing the invisible etc. etc.etc.

I found that if I exercised, I would have a few hours after that when my head was clear enough to study. So I studied every thing that I could get my hands on. I finally came up with my solution to the crisis which lead to what I call My Cure For Mental Illness. Logically speaking, this cure should work for anyone with a similar condition. I go into more detail in my mini ebook entitled CURE MENTAL ILLNESS  -By Paula Reilly, which is new on Amazon/Kindle. I have studied health food, herbs and some medical science for 16 years but I am not qualified in any degree. But this cure works for me, even if I have a minor relapse, which happens rarely.

Below is a video presentation describing my journey. Complete details are available in my ebook for $1.99US. Good luck to anyone wanting to use this remedy that I was blessed with. Please consult a doctors or a naturopath before self treating and always work in conjunction with  your prescribe treatment. Good luck and know that there is always help and hope that the symptoms do subside!!